Zambia 2012 – 2013

Finkubala – Mopane Worms


( Mopane Worms ).
Being sold at the Markets. apparently a common dish in Southern Africa……with all the chickens and goats they got running around this country, and they want to eat caterpillars??!!?!


What the hell, lets give ’em a go….


Yeah…Tomato…..”Thats” what this dish needs!!!….


Well, its cooked…apparently…I’m not sure how your suppose to tell…


AWFUL!!!!!!!!……Just AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure how to even describe the taste, it sure aint like chicken…you kinda crunch it and the insides come manage to swallow them…but you are still left chewing the outter body…until you decide to spit it out and go get a pizza instead….ufff……just Awful!!!!

James, our Cemetery Tour Guide


To Date, the best customer service I have received in Zambia was from James, who was one of the 2 guys that were kind enough to give Theresa and myself a tour of the cemetery ( the other guy was a little camera shy ), And Not only did James provide the best customer service in Zambia, but he is also a “deaf mute”, and has worked at the cemetery for 14 years.

Seventh Circuit Labyrinth


The Instructions.


Martin running the Labyrinth.


Martin having reached the center in accordance with the instructions


Theresa cheating, ignoring the instructions, and just walking directly to the center …ohhh just look at the chaos!!!!!

Audrey Mary Elizabeth Murray


She died from a burst appendix just 3 months after getting married, and there were no appropriate medical facilities nearby.

Tombstone reads:

Here lie the Mortal Remains of Audrey Mary Elizabeth Murray.
Beloved Wife of Thomas Henderson Murray of Kalomo N.Rhodesia and Only Daughter of Edmund & Audrey O’Brien of Lakefield, Ferhard, Co. Tipperary Who Died at Lusaka on Sept 25th 1925 Aged 25Years.
____ ____
On Whose Soul Sweet Jesus Have Mercy.

The Village Tavern


As we were leaving, a truck pulled up with 3 huge containers of beer. It was then explained to me that this particular mud hut ( that had a radio and speakers hanging on the wall, all powered off of a car battery ), was not someones home, but the village tavern!!

Can’t afford proper housing, food, or clothes, but they got Beer!!!…ya gotta love Africa man…lol

I’m sure I missed that World Vision ad, donate now, so the starving people in Africa can get wasted to. lol